Payment Methods

While there are several methods of payment, please be aware that a direct bank transfer is always going to be the preferred method as it saves hassle, is the least prone to delays, limits confusion and avoids possible theft.


Bank Transfer

Please make your payment via bank transfer to:

  • Name: Kevin Dennis
  • Institution: Nationwide Building Society
  • IBAN: GB19NAIA07024641937400
  • Swift: NAIAGB21



If you can’t pay by bank transfer or wish to pay by credit card instead, please use PayPal.

  • Link
  • Process: When selecting to make a payment, please choose to ‘I’m sending money to family or friends‘ and choose to pay the sender’s fee.
  • Fees: Details on the fee can be found here on the PayPal site.



If you wish to pay by Cheque, please consider paying the cheque in at your local bank.  Provide the details described in the Bank Transfer section above to the bank teller.   If this is not possible, please contact me for the address details.

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