What’s Included?

So the question is, what’s included in the convention?   As you might expect, some awesome roleplaying and socialising, but there’s a whole weekend of this, so let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer:


Amber Diceless RPG

Amber Diceless RPG

AmberConNI is a weekend of scheduled gaming events officially beginning Friday Morning and Ending Sunday Evening. Most folk attending the convention have tended to arrive on the Thursday giving us the opportunity of an unofficial game slot in the evening, and/or leaving Monday afternoon leaving time to relax and socialise/recover on the monday morning – though particularly energetic players may wish to run a game then. All members can then choose the game slots and events in which they wish to participate.   They will receive their schedule in advance of the convention and preparations can then be made for the games prior to the Convention.

The Convention is divided into 6 main event slots with breaks for lunch and dinner along with the two unnoicial pre and post convention games.  Originally the convention only had four slots, but as staying longer has become popular, the additional slots were added!   None of the slots are compulsory, so don’t feel bad if you have to arrive late or leave early, or just want a break to take a walk down in the forest or on the beach.

The events themselves are all run by volunteers – which means: you!   We currently have room for three game rooms per slot but have contingency for more if the convention gets bigger.   If you’d like to run a game at the convention, please contact us and start thinking now about your scenarios.

Board and Lodge

The Old Inn - Bedroom

The Old Inn – Bedroom

Your membership fee includes the game room hire, a room for two nights in the hotel, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning, hot gastro-pub-style lunches on Saturday and Sunday, and self-service tea, coffee and dilute drinks during the convention which will be held at The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn.  The hotel is just a few minutes from the outskirts of Belfast and conveniently located between the airports and ports.  From past experience, the hotel has both a wonderful ambiance and exceptionally food, and includes a pub for after (and during) game socialising.

What’s Not Included

The Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Evening meals and the Thursday, Friday and Monday Lunch meals are not included in the price.  This is to ensure you have the option of eating at the hotel, taking a trip to a nearby restaurant of your choice, or indeed skipping the evening meal as the lunch meals can be quite filling!  The lunch meals noted above are not included for the simple reason that not everyone is able to make it to the early Thursday and Friday ‘bonus’ games and it would be unfair to ask everyone to pay for a meal they will not be enjoying.

Note: any additional nights you wish to join us for are discounted when purchased through the convention. These nights include breakfast only.

The Hotel’s Standards

Lords of Gossamer and Shadow RPG

Lord of Gossamer and Shadow

If you don’t want to head out or want a quick snack or room service, the hotel, its restaurant and bar have a 5 star food hygiene rating.  I’ve enjoyed eating there many in the past. The prices are reasonable and the food is of a very high standard and well worth it.  The Hotel Rooms, Restaurant, Bar and Library (one of the convention rooms) are wheelchair friendly and the hotel and staff are capable and willing to cater for a variety of dietary requirements.


Non-residents are, of course, more than welcome!   Your non-resident fee includes the room hire, hot lunches on Saturday and Sunday, and self-service drinks drinks during the convention.

Free Parking and WiFi

For Residents and Non-Residents alike, there is free parking and WiFi.

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