The Convention

Convention Format

The following table shows the format and timing of the convention.   


  1. The Old Inn includes breakfast with each night stayed.   Breakfast is served between 7am to 10am.
  2. A set Lunch menu is included on Saturday and Sunday as part of the convention rate.   Choices will be made from a selection during the morning session.   Lunch is served between 1pm and 2pm.
  3. Dinners on all nights and lunches on nights other than Saturday and Sunday are ‘Pay as you Go’ and can be ordered at any point during the day/evening.
  4. Drinks are available during the convention from the bar.


Day Time Event
Wednesday 7pm – 12pm Slot 1 – A very early pre-con game! (5+ Hours)
Thursday 10am – 5pm Slot 2 – With some many folk already here, there’s likely to be at least two games on offer! (6 Hours)
  1pm – 2pm Lunch
  5pm – 7pm Dinner
  7pm – 12pm Slot 3 – The once completely unofficial and now 100% scheduled Thursday night game slot! (5+ Hours)
Friday 10am – 5pm Slot 4 – The original ‘Early-Bird’ Game Slot which is now no longer quite so early! (6 Hours)
  1pm – 2pm Lunch
  5pm – 7pm Dinner
  6:40pm – 7pm Welcome ‘Speech’, probably in the Upper Gallery, maybe a few notices, and the ‘official’ start of the original con. How we’ve grown!
  7pm – Late Slot 5 – Originally the first game of the con! (5+ Hours)
Saturday 7am – 10am Breakfast
  10am – 5pm Slot 6 (6 Hours)
  1pm – 2pm Lunch (Set Meal as part of the Convention)
  5pm – 7pm Dinner
  7pm – Late Slot 7 (5+ Hours)
Sunday 7am – 10am Breakfast
  10am – 5pm Slot 8 (6 Hours)
  1pm – 2pm Lunch (Set Meal as part of the Convention)
  5pm – 7pm Dinner
  6:40pm – 7pm ‘Official’ Farewell and Prize Giving
  7pm – Late Slot 9 (5+ Hours)
Monday 7am – 10am Breakfast
  10am – 1pm Slot 10 – The completely unofficial (yet also scheduled here) ‘Monday Bonus Game’ before folk leave for flights and such.  We’ve yet to actually pull this one off but there have been a few good attempts. Signup if you think you’ll be around and awake! (3+ Hours)
  1pm – 2pm Lunch

Note: These times are a guideline and may vary (slightly) due to travel (for the Thursday and Friday games) or slacking (for the early morning games!). The slots are however ‘fixed’ and linked to the bookings of the rooms. Your storyteller will be able to confirm their own start time should they wish to alter it.


Game Rooms

The convention games will be held in either dedicated conference rooms set aside for the convention, or in one of the larger hotel rooms earmarked as a possible ‘small game’ venue should the need arise.

Regardless of which room you’re using, please be courteous and tidy up any mess before leaving the room.


Game Book

The list of the convention games will be built and published before the Gamebook Deadline.  The current list of available games can be found here.   If you wish to propose a game, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll add it to the list!



Tea, Coffee, Dilute Cordial and Iced Water is available and will refreshed during the Convention.  Please keep the self-service area tidy and wipe up any mess.   Please also notify me if anything runs out so I can contact the hotel staff (you are welcome to ask at reception). The pub is also available if you wish something a little more extravagant!



As convention games tend to run late in the evenings, please be very aware of any noise you make either outside the rooms talking to players or the GM walking to/from the game rooms to your hotel rooms, or heading to the bar for drinks.  Please be considerate to all the hotel residents who may very well (probably considering how long some of our games last!) have already gone to bed!



Costumes are welcome and even encouraged, but please be aware that weapons (replica or otherwise) are not permitted at all. Masks that cover the face should not be worn outside of the game rooms.  Please avoid scaring the hotel staff and guests.


Hotel Information

General information pertaining to your stay can be found at The Old Inn‘s webpages.


Check-In and Check-Out

  • You can check-in from 2pm on your day of arrival..
  • Checkout by 11am on your day of departure – the convention rooms are more than big enough to store bags in during the game sessions although the hotel staff will happily store your bags prior to your departure as they have a dedicated cloak room.

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